The mesocosms are in!

Yesterday, the nine mesocosms were put into place in Kongsfjorden, 1.4 km offshore of Ny Alesund. Getting them there safely and making sure they were in the right location was co-ordinated by the hard-working IFM-GEOMAR team with logistical help from Greenpeace and their ship Esperanza. (See the amazing pictures on the German and French blogs). The complete mesocosms are huge (17m in length), consisting of a metal outer structure (see picture) which supports and protects the inner mesocosm bags (filled with fjord water) in which the experiments will take place.

Now the mesocosms are safely in the fjord, it’s only a couple more days until the CO2 manipulation and acidification experiment begins!   

Jozef’s aerial view of the mesocosms as he flew into Ny Alesund



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