How many marine scientists does it take to sample a mesocosm?

Following a week of preparations, the deployment of the mesocosms and the setting up of all the scientific instruments and equipment, it is finally time to begin sampling. Well, at least some sampling practice. And practice is definitely needed, as the daily sampling routine is proving to be tricky to organise.

 With 30-odd scientists, 5 boats, 15 qualified boat-handlers, and 9 mesocosms that are ~1.4km from the shore, some careful planning is required. Not forgetting making sure everyone is equipped with survival suits, life jackets and polar bear-deterring guns, whilst also satisfying everyone’s scientific needs. We’ll let you know how we get on….


On a different note, and for those of you who share my enthusiasm for wildlife, a quick update. The Arctic terns arrived on 1st June as expected, and have been noisily socialising around Ny Alesund since. No signs of nesting yet, but I guess they have to spend a bit of time getting to know each other again first 🙂



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