Croatian school laureate of EPOCA/CarboSchools sustainability prize

Saturday 5th June – World environmental day in Ny Alesund

“The present for the future” – Ivan Mazuranic elementary school & eco-school in Sibinj, Croatia laureate of the EPOCA/Carboschools Spitzbergen School Sustainability Contest

We have decided to grant our 1500€ prize to an original idea from pupils and teachers in Sibinj, Croatia consisting in switching off all computers, tv & mobile phones one day each month and inviting the whole community and families to do so in 10 schools of the area. The energy savings resulting from this action, without accounting other more classical energy reduction activities in this school such as changing light-bulbs or promoting solar energy, are expected to offset in a bit more than 2 years the ca. 80 tons of CO2 emitted by our 40 trips to Ny Alesund, and by CarboSchools partners to join their final conference in Jena last April. We prefered this project to other more classical (and sometimes more advanced) approaches for CO2 reduction, as it also raises attention on the sometimes excessive use of IT devices and encourages socializing in the real, not just virtual world. Read the awarded project here: laureate

Read other applications here

Also, here in the arctic we always wonder what the polar bears would like to tell us if we ever meet them… Thanks to pupils from Illingen, Germany now we know! See here:eisbären1


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