Take part in our Spitzbergen School Sustainability Contest and earn 1500€ to reduce CO2 emissions in your school!


Investigate with your pupils the solutions to climate change and ocean acidification: how can we stop emitting CO2 in the atmosphere? This requires huge changes both at the global, country and individual levels! Our Contest calls for daring ideas and experiences directly reducing CO2 emissions from your school community – e.g. through a school Agenda 21 or an eco-school (

Send us your project ideas & achievements – we will display them on the walls of the Northernmost research station in the world, and on June 5 – the World Environment Day – scientists in the Arctic will meet, discuss your projects and give feedback, symbolic awards and a special prize of 1500€ to the school demonstrating the highest potential for emissions reductions – corresponding to CO2 travel offset money from CarboSchools and EPOCA.

Instead of buying classical offset credits available on the market, EPOCA & CarboSchools want to stress the role of education in achieving sustainability and hope to see their travel emissions compensated by actual reductions in the awarded school, through concrete changes in e.g. energy use, food or transport, including through impacting large numbers of pupils’ families. The amount of 1500€ include voluntary contributions both from individual participants at the CarboSchools conference & spring school in Jena in April 2010, and from research institutes sending EPOCA scientists to Spitzbergen in June 2010.
Applications must be sent by 1st June 2010 to with full contact details & the following information:

1) project ideas / description (how will you reduce CO2 emissions in your school?)

2) an estimation of the quantity of CO2 you expect to save in 1 year & how you calculate it

3) budget indications – what will you use the award money for?

Applications should be submitted in English but additional materials in other langages are welcome. They will be published on this blog and reviewed by 5 June in Ny Alesund by a committee of voluntary scientists. Funding will be subject to two conditions by the awarded school:

1) providing an invoice

2) commitment to send an assessment of the actual reduction of CO2 observed within one year

Applications are open to any primary or secondary school in Europe.

NB! as we launch this contest, we have no idea of the number of entries we will receive. We can’t promise to react to all of them – but will make our best!



2 Responses

  1. I am interested in this school project as i work directly with schools and cliamte change education is our priority.

    Seychelles is a small island and perhaps do not contribute as much CO2 as the EU contries. But as part of our Eco-School programme we are encouraging schools to reduce thier energy use. We do a lot of tree planting (even if Seychelles is very green). We rehabilitate eroded coasts. But as a small island which is already experiencing the impact of CC we also need to teach about adaptation. We ahave started a project entitled ‘Adaptation to climate change in schools – Rain harvesting.

    if you also allow us we can send materials for exhibtion of our project as we know we cannot particiapte in the competition for we are not an EU country. And it is more to do with adaptation than mitigation.

    Please let us know if we can share our experience.

    yours sincerely

    Jeanette Larue
    Coordinator Environmental Education
    Ministry of Education

  2. Dear Jeannette
    Thanks greatly for your message, and all my apologizes for taking ages to reply you.
    Yes indeed, although our school contest is limited to Europe, you are very welcome to send us materials from Seychelles on how pupils work on mitigation & adaptation to climate change there. In fact, any aspect of sustainability into education is welcome to be highlighted in this Arctic blog site. The easiest is that you publish this directly here on the blog, if you wish – otherwise you can also send that to me by e-mail for later publication.
    looking forward,
    many greetings

    Philippe Saugier
    CarboSchools coordinator / EPOCA education coordinator

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