The Experiments

Kongsfjord, Spitzbergen, 79° North

Where is the research taking place?

If you click on the map below, you will be taken to google maps where you can zoom in and out to explore the area around the Islands of Svalbard.

The largest island of the Svalbard archipelago is called Spitzbergen. On this island there is one major town, called Longyearbyen, where many people live and work. There is a university, schools and a busy port, as well as an increasing number of tourist and travel businesses. Longyearbyen is often the start of many arctic adventures for scientists and ordinary travellors alike.

Ny-Ålesund is a small research base located north of Longyearbyen (78° 55´ N, 11° 56´ E) on the west coast of Svalbard, on the edge of a  fjord called Kongsfjord. It is run by the Norwegians, Kings Bay AS, but it is an international base consisting of over 11 different nationalities.

What research is being carried out and by whom?

The experiments will be carried out in in situ mesocosm “bags”.  Find out more about the Mesocosms systems here.

Many different measurements are going to be made in the mesocosms, we have split the measurements into groups to make it easier to understand their applications, click on each name to find out more information:









Try some experiments for yourself, at home or in the classroom

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