We have to measure the oceans chemical properties to make sure that we are creating the correct environment in terms of ocean acidification. To do this we will be measuring the total dissolved inorganic carbon concentration of seawater (DIC) and the total alkalinity (TA) of seawater in the mesocosms. We will also be measuring the temperature, salinity and pH of the mesocosms throughout the whole experiment.

In addition to these general carbonate chemistry measures we are also interested in how the inorganic nutrients will change in each mesocosm, so we will be measuring nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, ammonium and silicate concentrations in seawater. We will take also take measurements for particulate inorganic carbon, particulate organic carbon, and particulate organic nitrogen. Dissolved organic carbon and dissolved organic nitrogen.

We will take light measurements so that we know what light levels are available for phytoplankton to photosynthesis. This will be accompanied by measurements of chlorophyll concentrations, and pigment analysis, to tell us what photosynthetic pigments are present in the mesocosms.

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