What are you measuring?   

The biodiversity of bacteria – who is there and what are they doing and how this will change under ocean acidification conditions. 

What techniques/instruments are you using?   

We will be using cutting edge technology to sequence (read) the DNA in each bacteria. Specifically we will use 2 machine a 454-pyroseqeuncer and a Solexa Illumina sequencer – both do the same thing, they read the DNA in all the bacteria from a given sample.  

How frequently will you be taking measurments?   

We intend to take measurements every other day to see how things are changing in each mesocosm.  

Why is it important?   

We will see how the bacterial community is changing and responding to ocean acidification – this is important because bacteria are at the bottom of the food chain, they recycle all the nutrients and energy in marine ecosystems and so if they change, they may change the types of activities they do as a community which could send shockwaves up through the food chain ultimately effecting us.   

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