The People

Ten scientific institutions are participating in the Pelagic programme and the scientists are listed below. Many other people are also involved, including support, technical staff and divers. The support and technical staff provide vital assistance to the scientists in maintaining and setting up their equipment. The divers are essential for setting up the mesocosms as well as collecting marine animals used in some of the experiments. Click on each name to find out more about the person.


Ulf Riebesell

Jan Czerny  

Sebastian Krug  

Jan Büdenbender  

Kai Schulz  

Kersin Nachtigall  

Michael Meyerhöfer  

Andrea Ludwig 

Matthias Fischer 

Michael Sswat 

Tim Boxhammer 

Signe Klavsen


  Jean-Pierre Gattuso  

Frédéric Gazeau  

Jinwen Liu  

Sophie Richier*  

Aurélie Moya*  

Ray Zhang (State Key Laboratory of Environmental Science, Xiamen University)  



 Stephen Archer* 

John Stephens

 Susan Kimmance  

Frances Hopkins  

Jack Gilbert*  

Jozef Nissimov


 Anja Engel 

Nicole Händel  

Judith Pointek  

Martin Sperling

Corinna Borchard  

Barbara Niehoff  



Anna de Kluijver  



Corinea Brussaard  

Anna Noordeloos  



Christophe Boutte*

Lucie Bittner

Sarah Romac


  Richard Bellerby  

Anna Silyakova  



Dag Hessen  



Eva Leu  



Elin Austerheim  

*These scientists are not present in Svalbard – samples will be sent to them at their home laboratories, where they will carry out specific analysis.


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