AWI Participants

The Awi participants from left to right: Nicole, Judith, Anja, Corinna and Martin

Our role in EPOCA arctic

During the EPOCA mesocosm study in Svalbard we will investigate effects of ocean acidification on the production and consumption of dissolved organic matter (DOM) by microbial organisms in the ocean. We will take samples to analyze different labile organic compounds like polysaccharides and amino acids. We will also determine rates of bacterial activity, phytoplankton primary production, and exudation, as well as the abiotic formation of gel particles from DOM.

Our thoughts about the trip

We are looking forward to joining this exciting experiment at such a wonderful place (…although we think it will be pretty cold). Working together with colleagues from many different countries is a great chance to combine forces for a really comprehensive experiment on impacts of ocean acidification (…and might become very interesting during the upcoming soccer world cup!).

More about our research

We are the Helmholtz Young Investigators Group “Global Change and the Future Marine Carbon Cycle”. Our main scientific interests are effects of climate change on the cycling of organic matter by marine microbes, specifically with respect to the fate of dissolved organic matter, and the subsequent changes in the marine geochemical cycles.

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