Frances Hopkins

My role in EPOCA arctic

I am part of the team from Plymouth Marine Laboratory, including Susan Kimmance and John Stephens, who will be investigating the impact that ocean acidification has on the trace gases that are produced by the Arctic plankton communities.

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My thoughts about the trip

I feel incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to spend some time in an area of true wilderness. I am passionate about wildlife and the great outdoors, and I am relishing the chance do some serious Arctic birdwatching!

Being involved in an international, large-scale experiment is also very exciting. I hope to not only contribute to gaining some important scientific information about how the Arctic plankton communities may respond to ocean acidification, but also to raising awareness of the threats the oceans may face in the future if man-made CO2 emissions continue unabated.

More about my research

I am a marine chemist, based at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK. I recently finished my PhD which involved exploring the impacts of ocean acidification on the production of climate-active gases from the oceans. So this experiment in Svalbard gives me a fantastic opportunity to continue investigating this exciting area of research.

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