Matthias Fischer

My role in EPOCA arctic

As a scientific diver I was a part of the diving team to test the mesocosms at the Baltic Sea. Now they are ready for a large-scale experiment under arctic conditions. I will help to transport and assemble the mesocosms as well as during the experiment I will join collecting samples and driving boats. Also I am analysing water samples particularly for organic nutrients, one of the core parameters of the mesocosm system. Back in Kiel I will try calculating the biomass biofilms contributing to the mesocosm community by analysing microscopic samples taken during the experiment.

My thoughts on the trip

We have the chance to run a very exiting and complex mesocosm field experiment to collect data never measured before. I am looking forward obtaining interesting results, some luck and a bit of time to enjoy the great arctic environment on, over and under the water.

More about my research

As a biomedical engineer I developed an optical fibre sensor for detection of biofilms and their dynamics during my PhD. The fibre optical sensor is also measuring bacteria deposited on surfaces in the mesocosm based on fluorescence light. During this experiment I like to study the biofilm dynamics at various CO2 levels under arctic conditions.

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