Signe Klavsen

My role in EPOCA arctic

In the Svalbard CO2-pertubation experiment I will be working on phytoplankton (micro algae) and how the phytoplankton biomass is affected by changes in CO2. Besides doing measurements in the lab in Ny Ålesund, I will of course participate in the daily sampling from the mesocosms.

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My thoughts about the trip

It is fantastic to get the opportunity to join this huge CO2-mesocoms experiment in Svalbard and thus to collaborate with so many scientist from different nations. In addition to the CO2-experiment, I am sure that it will be a great experience just to be on Svalbard – see the wildlife, the ice bergs, the roughness of the mountains and experience the 24 hour light period in the summer!

More about my research

In my PhD, which I did at Aarhus University in Denmark, I focused on inorganic carbon uptake strategies in freshwater macrophytes. In my present Post doc., which partly is carried out at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel and partly at Aarhus University, I study the effect of global climate changes – and thus the effect of raised CO2 – on the ecophysiological performance of phytoplankton.

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