Tim Boxhammer

My role in EPOCA arctic

As a research assistant within the group of Ulf Riebesell, I will provide support concerning the sampling in the field and assist Jan Büdenbender with his project on the pelagic sea butterfly Limacina helicina. Furthermore, I will also sample for my own diploma thesis, which is in the early stages and closely connected to Jan’s project.

My thoughts about the trip

It will be my third time in the most northern village of the world and I am really looking forward to this special place. To feel the pure nature, the roughness of life in this unique environment, it’s simply beyond words. Apart from the extraordinary surrounding, I am very happy to participate in this advanced project and to be able to write my diploma thesis connected to it. I am also looking forward to the teamwork during long days and nights on the zodiacs and in the lab.

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